Ka$h Money Karl’s $100 Jack-Putt

One of the things I love about Mini Golf is that really anyone can do it and go pro if they are dedicated to it. A lot of professionals say 10,000 hours is required to make it big in anything. I’m here to change the game a bit on both the comedy and Mini Golf side of things.

Introducing Ka$h Money Karl’s $100 Jack-Putt

At all Ka$h Money Karl performances of 10 minutes or more, three audience members will be selected to compete to attempt one putt for $100 dollars real cash!

The players will draw for the order of 1, 2, or 3. They each only get one putt or if the player in front of them makes it, it’s over, no rebuttal. That’s how it worked on Holey Moley, that’s how it works here.

*Winners will receive $100 cash, a giant check as a momento, sign the Ka$h Money Karl Champions Belt, and get a signed Ka$h Money Karl bill.*

*Winners must pose for a picture for the Winners Circle to claim prizes

Losers get a signed Ka$h Money Karl bill.

$$$ Make the putt, go pro, and win the money! $$$