Karl Barth

A professional Mini Golfer that does stand-up comedy on the side. Sounds like a punchline to a very weird joke.

Having played hundreds of courses and building a large online following, Karl became one of the world’s most avid Mini Golfers and experts, thus claiming the name, Mister Mini Golf.

His Mini Golf career took him to prime time television in the summer of 2020 by appearing on ABC’s hit show, Holey Moley. Quickly becoming a crowd favorite and choice target for the comedic antics of one Mr. Rob Riggle, he began his career in entertainment.

After appearing on Holey Moley, he knew he would need to continue with entertaining people. Donning the new nickname given to him by the fans: Ka$h Money Karl, he began his comedy career.

Starting in comedy is hard. It looks like the easiest job in the world but when you hit that stage you realize it is one of the hardest.

During a time, where we could all use a little more humor, Ka$h Money, decided it was time to hit the stage. Thus Kash Money Comedy was born.