Set List Lounge

Workshop with fellow comics to develop your career through a catalog of comedy programs and training aids.

The Riff Room hosted by Ashley Gutermuth

You should be performing more than four times a week if you want to make improvements on your comedy. Therefore take the opportunity to work with other comics in the Riff Room to:

  • Practice your material
    • Come with a full set or just a bit to work on
  • Listen to other comics provide feedback on your material
    • Alternative perspectives
    • Tighten up bits
    • Punch it up with new punchlines or tags
  • Listen to other comics perform and provide feedback
    • Practice your own comedy writing to help others punch up their material
  • Headliner Ashley Gutermuth will perform her own material and will take feedback = having the chance to work with a paid comic
  • Network with your fellow comics

Join in everyday for FREE on Zoom from 3-4 PM EST, 2-3 PM CST, 12 – 1 PM PST