Funny Money Comedy Open Mic at The Hive

Fond du Lac has needed an comedy open mic for over a year and now we have one!

Ka$h Money Karl and Dollar Daddy Dean have teamed up with the Hive to provide a weekly open mic on Thursdays!

What makes our mic different is we are having a paid closer for each week doing a 15 minute set.

Who pays for an Open Mic?

We do!

Signup in advance to confirm a spot. (Nobody wants to drive to a show to maybe get on, we believe in advance lists so you can put our mic into your schedule)

Big shout out and thank you to The Hive for being our venue.

Performers also get a free drink and access to a spread of snacks to enjoy!

Open Mic Rules

  1. Up to 15 Spots at 5 – 15 Minutes each
  2. One 15 minute $$PAID$$ closer spot
  3. Light at a minute before the end of your time unless designated otherwise (This means wrap it up)
  4. Respect each other and each other’s time
  5. Be professional (Don’t turn on the audience or venue)
  6. Unexcused no-shows will result in a permanent ban from all future Ka$h Money Comedy productions (Things happen, so if you can’t make it, communicate it as soon as possible so the spot can be filled and avoid banishment)
  7. Share and interact with the social media posts to drive up engagement (Nobody wants to perform to an empty crowd and it only takes a few minutes, if you can’t handle that maybe take up wood carving or become Amish because it’s how show business works folks)
  8. Have fun and experiment with your writing and joke telling


Click here for Open Mic Sign Up

Open Mic Schedule

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2023 Open Mics