For the Love of Funny Comedy Showcase

When: January 7th, 2023

Doors: 7:00 PM

Show starts at 8:00 PM

Where: The Hive

Produced by Ka$h Money Karl of Kash Money Comedy and Dean Berg of Dean Berg Comedy


Ka$h Money Karl is one of the most unforgettable people you will ever meet. Is it because of his overwhelming swagger? No.

Is it his dashing good lucks? Maybe.

Is it because he is a professional Mini Golfer, Comedian, Producer, and Writer? Partially.

Is it because he is the Money? YES! That’s it!

EVERYBODY wants the Money!

Luckily, his diet hasn’t started yet so there is plenty of him to go around.

As a co-host of Fond Du Lac’s weekly show, The Funny Money Comedy Open Mic, Ka$h Money Karl has been getting his bills dirty in production and booking these past few months.

Ka$h Money Karl is now excited to share his next step into show business with producing his first showcase along side his trusty partner in comedy, the Dollar Daddy himself, Dean Berg!

For the Love of Funny features a great collection of comics for you to enjoy! If you like the show, let us know because we want to do more.


Chuck Charles


Dean Berg

Legend has it that Dean Berg started performing comedy at a very young age. It was not uncommon to find him reenacting sets from some of his favorite comedians in the early 1980s at various family gatherings and neighborhood lemonade stands.

In 2009 upon the onset of an early midlife crisis Dean reached out to professional comedy bookers and clubs to understand what is needed to become a stand-up comedian.

After a brief discussion with a highly coked up club owner Dean was given an unexpected guest spot at a local Comedy Club opening for several prominent national comedians.

From there Dean went on to perform in front of 10’s of fans at various local bars, bowling alleys, post prom parties, and truck stops. After impressing at least 1 cocktail waitress in attendance. Dean toured the country with act (written boldly in a pocket-sized noted book) for about a year.

It was at this point that Dean was given the opportunity once again perform with a predominant national touring comedian. This time in front of a very unenthusiastic crowd. It was a bad night overall for all those performing but particularly for the national touring headliner. He bombed and bombed probably harder than anyone Dean has ever witnessed.

The headliner pretended to befriend Dean and told him he did a great job and would like Dean to be on a show with him again, only to defame Dean on stage and to tell the club owner the following day that it was Dean’s fault the national headliner bombed so badly. At this point Dean was asked not to return to the club and faded away into civilian life.

In 2021, 11 years later – Dean mysteriously returned to the scene with a whole new take on comedy and a stage presence never seen from the salty veteran of the spotlight. Still to this day, it is unclear as to where Dean went and what he did during the 11 years he was away from the stage. In his comedy portfolio all it lists on his Comedy experience is “April 2009 – June 2021, Vengeance” …….

Alex Morris

Described by some as the Eeyore of comedy, Alex Morris is the kind of comic that when you see him on stage, you’ll feel a wave of pure joy and satisfaction wash over you knowing that this is what you get when Daria and Fat Albert have a love child.

Alex Morris’s low energy and self-deprecation has been compared Steven Wright, inviting the audience to laugh at him as well as with him.

Jim Schwarzbauer


Rob Brackenridge